Gas system Sora Gardens Binh Duong

Sora Garden Project is an advanced building that was built in Binh Duong new urban area, reaching the standards of a modern living space with green and fresh, full of utilities including base infrastructure serving a luxurious and convenient life.

To achieve standards of modern residential areas are indispensable luxury amenities as well as the professionalism of the civil system to serve the needs of daily life of people. That’s why investors chose Phuc Sang Ming as the main contractor providing design and construction of central gas system for Sora Gardens Project.

We are the contractors that have years of experience in supplying and constructing many central gas systems for buildings and residential areas. Thus, the works that JPS provide guarantees profession well run and always completed quickly meet progress requirement of customer schedule requirements.

Owner: JSC Electric R.E.E

Time: 2014 – 2015

Location: Binh Duong

Gas System

Gas system Sora Gardens Binh Duong

Gas system Sora Gardens Binh Duong

Gas system Sora Gardens Binh Duong

Gas system Sora Gardens Binh Duong

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