Elster Instromet Viet Nam – Phuc Sang Minh (JPS)

Phuc Sang Minh Engineering Co., Ltd (JPS) are official distributor of Elster Instromet in Viet Nam. Elster-Instromet is a company of the Elster Group based in Germany – a leading global provider of gas.

The name Elster has been associated with high-quality and innovative gas measuring and regulating devices for more than 170 years. Today Elster-Instromet manufactures energy measuring systems, ultrasonic, turbine, rotary and diaphragm meters as well as gas pressure regulators for low, medium and high pressure. Electronic station flow computers, volume correctors, innovative data read-out and evaluation systems as well as automatic remote data read-out devices are in the electronics products range. Furthermore turnkey gas regulating and measuring stations of every size or test rigs for calibration of custody transfer gas meters complete the range of products focused on gas (CNG, NG, LPG…).

As official distributor Elster Instromet Viet Nam, JPS engagement will supply Elster’s product with the best price. We are always the best choice for owners.

Elster Instromet Viet Nam
Elster Instromet Viet Nam

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